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Efficiently adapting documentation is essential, especially when reaching diverse audiences worldwide. Transphere empowers seamless communication in over 80 languages across 159 markets. This process is particularly advantageous in the realm of Medical Translation Services, as accuracy and precision are paramount. By utilizing our established translation approach, you can streamline workflows, reduce resources spent, and ensure optimal quality. Connect with Transphere today for comprehensive solutions that bridge linguistic gaps and resonate effectively in global medical contexts.

Document Translation
Document Translation
Document Translation
Document Translation
Document Translation
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26 years of translation experience

Our seasoned team of in-house translators can tailor our service to fit your individual needs.

With their support, you can translate any type of document, including medical documentation that aligns with the regulatory framework of a new market.

Document Translation
Document Translation

Language Asset Management

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At Transphere, we provide our clients with access to state-of-the-art translation memories (TMs), style guides (SGs), and glossaries. You can leverage these assets to improve the accuracy, consistency, and timeliness of your projects—while reducing your costs.
We update TMs and glossaries in accordance with the ISO TC 37 standard. Furthermore, we manage all these resources absolutely free of charge and at your discretion.

One of the first ISO 27001 certified LSPs in China


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