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Unlocking the peak performance of an AI model hinges on the quality of its training data. However, creating high-quality data sets is virtually impossible without the skilled input of human transcribers and curators.
With more than 27 years of experience in the industry, we’ve honed our workflow to manage a vast network of more than 2,000 global resources and 700+ in-house employees.

Our expertise in workforce management, coupled with over a dozen resource centers across all major continents, provides you with immediate access to a cost-effective portfolio of scalable resources ready to prepare your data.

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Elevated operations

Transphere isn’t just a service provider—we’re a seasoned partner invested in your success. With us, every project includes a personal touch embodied by a dedicated project manager who ensures seamless operations and swift responses tailored to your unique needs.

Our agility is amplified by our global footprint, which extends across all major continents. And with a robust payment system honed over years of working with a diverse pool of resources and an array of international clients, we can transact with any client, regardless of location or complexity.

With Transphere, round-the-clock service is more than a promise—it’s an assurance, a commitment, and our way of life.

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Audio Transcription Hearing impaired Community
Translation and transliteration bring cultures together

Breaking barriers

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Audio transcription serves as a bridge connecting diverse audiences to your content. It is an invaluable resource enhancing accessibility for the hearing-impaired community, ensuring everyone can engage with and benefit from your material.

Our transcription service is a valuable tool for non-native language users, simplifying language complexities and enhancing understanding.

But the benefits extend beyond just accessibility. Audio transcription elevates the user experience for your entire audience. It boosts engagement by allowing viewers to follow along more easily, improves comprehension by providing a written record of spoken content, and enhances retention by facilitating information reinforcement through reading.

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Adaptable solutions

Transcription is a versatile and adaptable service designed to cater to a wide spectrum of audio and video media. Whether you are dealing with corporate materials that require precise transcription for record-keeping and reference or webinars that need to be transcribed for future use and broader accessibility, we have you covered.

We are committed to delivering value through high-quality audio transcription services, ensuring your message reaches and resonates with your audience anytime, anywhere.

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