The Future is Now


Global Your Life At Transphere, we believe in the astounding potential of the new generation, and we are absolutely committed to their growth. We have built the Foreign Talent Association (FTA) to connect with the new generation from across the world and foster a diverse and rich environment to promote our mutual growth.

To achieve such an ambitious goal, the FTA organizes youth-focused events to create opportunities, overcome challenges, and fall in love with our home—Nanjing. After all, as an NGO, it is built to “serve foreign talents and build Nanjing into a world-renowned city” and improve “public welfare, innovation, flexibility, and efficiency.”

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We are the world

  • 30,000+ international talents in Nanjing
  • 100+ nationalities
  • 70+ languages
  • 70% with a master’s degree or higher
  • 80% industry elites

Core Advantages

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  • Innovative talent pool
  • Extensive experience in international projects and events
  • Mutlingual support across the world
  • Mature We-Media platforms
  • International community building
  • Large international fans and volunteers base

Life is colorful