This decade has seen a tremendous surge in e-commerce competition, while your supply chain has been stretched thin. Now more than ever, it is of paramount importance to take your content strategy to next level.

For e-commerce businesses expanding overseas, one crucial aspect to consider is translation. Localized direct-to-consumer strategies are the most effective ways to acquire new customers and build a loyal base that can sustain your sales revenue for years to come. Your customers are clear, they want to shop in their native language. They are done compromising—are you?

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Speed is of the essence

Commerce overseas translation is key to success. Speed is of the essence. Leverage our automated workflow to get your content localized light-years ahead of the competition. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with online platforms and increase localization efficiency,

  • Frictionless workflow.
  • Scalable automated outputs.

Multilingual strategies

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For almost two decades, the “can’t read won’t buy” phenomenon has been thoroughly studied, and the results are clear. More than 40% of customers refuse to buy products from stores that aren’t built in their native language. Stand out by creating engaging content for your customers with our extensive resources. You can finally start capturing this untapped market and grow your brand.

  • A deep pool of linguists in 80+ languages.
  • In-territory cultural experts.
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End-to-end services

At Transphere, we believe in deep partnerships. Our suite of e-commerce services, including e-commerce overseas translation, is tailored to support allaspects of your platform, from first contact to the actual sale.

  • Eye-catching video adverts.
  • Engaging infographics.
  • Promotional banners.
  • UI design.

E-Commerce Solutions

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Video Game Localization Challenges that You Should Know

Gamers are passionate and have high expectations from the games they play, especially with the sheer number of available games. They want to interact with their favorite games in their native language. If you do not take the time to localize your game, gamers may decide to play another one instead.

The process of transforming content to fit into the local language and cultural background is localization. Nearly 60% of consumers think that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than the product price. This is also applicable to the game industry.

Blockchain Localization: Why does it matter?

Blockchain technology has been touted as one of the most revolutionary pieces of tech to have been invented; however, despite its hype, it largely remains an underused technology. Contrary to popular belief, blockchain has been around since the late 60s, and its adoption rate has been slowly creeping up, year after year. Many hope to see it become part of our mainstream financial systems this decade.

Website Internationalization (i18n): The Ultimate Guide

As a company with global ambitions, expanding into new markets is a vital step. An expansion will likely require a localized website that fits your target market. But before you can even translate your website’s content, you must first internationalize it.

The EU Medical Device Regulation: How to comply as an international manufacturer.

Recently, the European Parliament and the Council have produced one of the lengthiest and most thorough pieces of legislation in EU history, called the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). It regulates every possible aspect of medical devices across the entirety of the European Union.

You may think that by being located outside of the EU this regulation does not affect you, but you’d be wrong. The MDR affects all the medical devices that enter the EU markets, whether they are produced in Europe or other continents. If you do not take your time to learn about it and upgrade your operation to become MDR compliant you could face some serious future issues:

Ecommerce Localization: The 6 new challenges and benefits.

Various advances in logistics, shipping, and technology have made it easier and cheaper for businesses to enter international markets than ever before. Yet for all the technological breakthroughs available at their disposal, some barriers still loom large, namely, language and culture. This barrier could be solved through appropriate e-commerce localization; however, it is this barrier that companies misunderstand and therefore fail to scale well.



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