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For global companies, localization is a game changer. It drives increases in revenue and customer loyalty. That being said, it is no secret that localization costs can quickly add up and cripple your marketing budget. At Transphere, we are constantly seeking new ways to improve our client’s operations. With that in mind, we provide AI-powered machine translation and an automated workflow designed to reduce your localization costs.

AI Powered Solutions

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the future of the content economy. With ever-increasing demand for novel unique content, businesses will need to leverage the power of AI to keep up. Not only can machine translation reduce your costs, but in many instances, it can help improve the translation quality.

Task-Specific Improvements

Human translators can struggle to keep the same consistency with large volumes of repetitive content. Long novels contain hundreds of names to describe the rich cast of characters, regions, weapons, and items it hosts. This richness creates consistency issues for translators. Keeping track of each and every individual name over thousands of translated pages can quickly become an insurmountable challenge. This type of problem is where machine translation shines best. By calibrating our AI to fit the narratives unique to novels, we can increase the quality of the translation and keep track of all the different names effortlessly.

TMS Support

At Transphere, you gain access to a centralized platform designed to connect with CAT tools, TMs, CMS, and MTs. Leverage it to reduce reliance on human input to retrieve strings and automate the localization process. As you integrate our solutions into your development processes, you can increase the reduction in labor-intensive tasks and improve your ROI.

Post-Editing Services

Leverage our machine translation post-editing services (MTPE) to ensure that your projects are translated flawlessly. Whether you rely on our MTs or your in-house MT, our PE process is designed to detect and edit any mistakes. Light Post-Editing primarily involves human linguists for well-translated text with minor errors. Full Post-Editing involves linguists and subject experts that review your content to ensure the highest quality possible. 

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