Life Sciences

Frontier sectors like biotechnology, bio-pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and healthcare place high requirements on the accuracy, quality, and timeliness of language services. In accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Transphere works hard to deliver high-quality solutions and help customers cope with diversified challenges. In addition, the SME team composed of medical practitioners will supervise the whole process of a project and provide professional consulting services.

Profound understanding of

government regulations

As a leading global medical company, you have to deal with stringent regulations. To make matters worse, you need to adapt your products to each individual market’s unique requirements. A single mistake can be exceedingly costly, both to your reputation and bottom line. At Transphere we take that risk seriously and ensure that our personnel are always updated on all the major regulatory frameworks, including the MDR, IVDR, FDA, CFDA, etc.

A growth-minded partner

“Sunyu Transphere is a business partner helping us with various language-related projects. The company offers high-quality services. We are very satisfied with their services, and it also helped us grow our business.”

Vera Wei, Localization Manager, Alibaba

A dedicated localization team

“Thanks for your devotion to our project! We see your professionalism and dedication along the whole complicated localization process, and you deliver high-quality content indeed. “

Xue zhen, Youzan

Dedicated Work and Punctual Delivery

“We are happy to tell you that we appreciate your work. It was done in a timely manner and with excellent quality. It is certified that the work was successfully completed.”

Vera Wei, Localization Manager, Alibaba

Medically approved quality

“Our doctors are very satisfied with the quality of your sample translation. It is known to all that medical materials are tough to handle, and we think you are rather professional in this field.”

Xiaolu, Consulting Manager, Yiyi Health Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Your growth is our priority

“We cooperated in graphics translation projects. They are very dedicated towards their work and very punctual with their business partners, and it helped us grow our business.”

Vera Wei, Localization Manager, Alibaba

Outstanding quality and turnarounds

“I checked documents you polished, and the work had been done with great speed and quality. We appreciate it so much!”

Shen Kexin, Content Marketing Manager, Bytedance

Efficient processes and dedicated teams

“We cooperated in various document translation projects. They are very dedicated towards their work and very punctual with their business partners, and it helped us grow our business.”

Vera Wei, Localization Manager, Alibaba

Professional, responsible, and detail-oriented

Professional, responsible, and

“Transphere is so nice a vendor – they are dedicated and detailed. They even actively list the query for us!”


Quality-obsessed team

“The project you helped us was delivered and it is highly qualified.”

Luciana Gallo, Senior Project Manager,International Contact,Inc.

Relevant Certifications

Quality Management System
Quality Standard for Translation
Services Certification
Information Security Management
Medical devices -- Quality management systems -- Requirements for regulatory purposes

Language asset management

At Transphere, we provide our clients with access to state-of-the-art translation memories (TMs), style guides (SGs), and glossaries. You can leverage these assets to improve the accuracy, consistency, and timeliness of your projects—while reducing your costs.
We update TMs and glossaries as per the ISO TC 37 regulation. Furthermore, we manage all these resources absolutely free of charge and at your behest.

100,000 multilingual terms

10 million industry corpus

Your data is in safe hands

Our proprietary information management system and office system ensure the confidentiality and security of documents. In addition, we have enabled quick interaction between project teams and technical systems to further improve translation quality and efficiency.

Enterprise Cloud-based Data Security

Management Platform

Full-fledged client archives

Offshore/Offsite Translation Center: OTC

Integrated Non-Disclosure

Agreement (NDA) system

Strict access control

Maintained by in-house information

security professionals

Life Sciences Solutions

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