Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

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Localize all the graphical elements and any embedded text of your documents in 80+ languages by leveraging our multilingual desktop publishing services. Our professional DTP engineers can adjust formats, fonts, graphics, tables, numbers, logos, and any aspect of your documentation.

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Copy editing and layout

Our skilled engineers can rearrange the original text to fit your design specifications. Text typesetting governs how books, periodicals, and other printed materials are produced.

  • Documents.
  • Technical manuals.
  • Publications.
Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP

End-to-end graphical solutions

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By leveraging our unified platform, your team can collaborate directly with our project managers, localizers, and designers. Together we can refine every aspect of your product, from the translation to the final touches. 

  • All the major formats: InDesign, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress.
  • An efficient and highly collaborative process.
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Web design

Enhance your software or website’s design by optimizing its layout based on your target audience’s preferences.

  • One-page design.
  • UI design.
  • Comprehensive design.
  • Functional web design (service website & B/S software CPE).
  • Image-based web design.
  • Information-based web design (portal).
Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP

Publicity Design & Production

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Create unique promotional materials to increase your visibility. Whether you need to prepare for an event or create a new billboard ad, our passionate designers can turn your vision into reality.

  • Posters.
  • Easy-to-roll exhibition boards.
  • Brochures.
  • Certifications.
  • Product design.
  • Business cards and vouchers.
  • Leaflets.

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“We cooperated in graphics translation projects. They are very dedicated towards their work and very punctual with their business partners, and it helped us grow our business.”

Vera Wei, Localization Manager, Alibaba

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