Accurate documentation is critical to the patent industry, as it is used to establish the novelty and non-obviousness of an invention, and to define the scope of the exclusivity granted by the patent.

You can safely document all your patents by leveraging Transphere’s team of industry-approved professional translators with a proven track record of delivering highly accurate patent translations.

Unmatched dedication

The Sunyu branch is entirely dedicated to patent translation. We prepare your patent applications, examination reports, and other documents carefully, clearly describing your valuable inventions and their technical features. Our sole focus is to ensure your patents are safely translated into your target language and 100% error-free.

Your data is in safe hands

Due to the sensitive nature of a patent, we follow the strictest data security protocols. The Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) minimizes any risks of data breaches.

Our information security protocols are regularly reviewed and assessed by independent certified bodies, ensuring that your data is securely stored and processed.

Unlimited support

Leverage our R&D, legal and marketing departments to improve your decision-making process. Our services are designed to help you enhance your patents and gain market insights on their viability. Whether you want strict translation or are interested in an expansive suite of patent solutions, Sunyu Transphere is the partner of choice.

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