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At Transphere, we know the tremendous value of your immersive worlds. Every new game brings a new pallet of words and experiences that even experienced translators may struggle with.

Leverage our gaming experts, that are well-versed across all gaming genres, to craft captivating narratives to populate your open-world role-playing game. You no longer have to worry about naming an endless list of items and upgrades. Our game localization experts are here for you!

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More than just translation

As your partners, we provide instant access to 80+ languages and in-territory linguists capable of vetting each translation. We can ensure that your game translation matches the cultural background of your gamers.

  • Linguistic experts trained in a variety of video game genres.
  • Access to 159 markets, including the largest consumer market—China.
80+ languages for gaming localization
Gaming Localization

We plug right into your workflow

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Agile development is the new standard in software development, and gaming is no exception. You need to release new patches at light speed to keep your community happy. 

Our game localization services rely on a unified platform built to plug in with your development tools to match that efficiency. And our game localization engineers are trained to match your pace from the early design stages to the patch release.

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Create content that fits you

You have a script idea for your new game, but you’re at a loss on how to write it. Don’t worry; you can rely on our talented writers to craft a unique narrative that fits your vision. In tandem with our designers and artwork team, you can finally build the world that has captivated you for so long.

  • Video game script localization.
  • Video production & graphic designers.
Two fighters in a video game (Transphere's game localization solution)
Gaming Localization

Test, test, and some more testing

Test, test, and some
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more testing

Even the best games can flop if they are plagued with bugs. To ensure that’s not your case, leverage our passionate game testers to explore every nook and cranny of your world. Together, we will hunt down every bug and create a flawless gaming experience.

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Gaming Localization-Transphere

The gaming localization partner you need

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We believe that to succeed in the gaming industry, our partners must focus on what they do best—game development.

As such, our gaming localization solutions are designed to facilitate global expansion at scale. Equipped with our 2,000+ linguists, you can localize your video games in any language you choose. Together, we can push your games and brand to the top of the industry, one market at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video game localization is the process of creating a gaming experience for a specific target market that feels as if the game was developed in that very market. In simpler terms, a well-localized game intended for Chinese gamers should feel like it was designed for Chinese gamers. It includes many aspects of a video game, the language, the character design, the game layout, the topics it can cover, etc.

Game localization is vital for reaching new customers in different markets. By localizing every aspect of your game, from voice-overs to text, you can increase your game's playability and engagement. Video game localization is an investment with substantial potential returns.

The cost is impossible to report accurately without understanding your game's criteria and company budget. Depending on factors such as the need for voice-overs, the reliance on MTs (or lack thereof), the need for graphic design, the urgency of the task, etc. To get a precise quote, we suggest you contact our sales team below.

Gaming translation begins and stops with translating the content of the game. It does take into account the cultural background of your target market, the marketability, and design of your game.

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