Beyond Borders: Transphere’s Role in the Internationalization of Nanjing featuring Viktor Lopata

As we ride the wave into a new era, Nanjing is hustling hard to set new standards in global openness, transforming into a beacon for national modernization and an all-inclusive international hub. Transphere is proud to be part of this incredible journey, striving to enhance Nanjing’s international standing, foster friendly ties between China and the world, and support the city’s dynamic development.

Let’s rewind to the afternoon of July 13—a memorable day for the 2023 Jiangsu Youth Friendship Envoy award ceremony. Hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu’s Provincial People’s Government (or let’s just call them the ‘Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office’), Nanjing was buzzing.

Viktor Lopata can be seen holding his award. He is the 4th person from the left.
Viktor Lopata holding his award can be seen on the left (4th)

Among the newly anointed 23 Youth Friendship Envoys – a diverse mix of foreign experts, employees from Chinese enterprises, and homegrown as well as international youth representatives—Viktor Lopata stood out. Viktor, who’s a part of our Transphere family, is now an official envoy, recognized for his impactful contributions to promoting cultural exchanges in areas like education, healthcare, and culture.

In an ambitious move to boost Jiangsu’s international standing and nurture foreign relations, the Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office initiated the provincial Youth Friendship Envoy selection back in 2011. It’s been a yearly tradition ever since, and they’ve just rounded off round 12. Over the years, a whopping 416 individuals have earned the moniker “Jiangsu Youth Friendly Envoy,” turning this selection into a trademark feature of Jiangsu’s foreign affairs scene.

2023 Jiangsu Youth Friendship Envoy
2023 Jiangsu Youth Friendship Envoy

And guess who was right in the thick of it? Our very own Viktor Lopata, along with his Transphere comrades. They were part of the “100 Years of Perseverance, Stay True to the Founding Mission of the Party” event—at the University-Enterprise Party Branch Building Activity commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China.

Viktor Lopata: The youth envoy making waves at Transphere and beyond

Allow us to introduce Viktor Lopata, our 2023 Jiangsu Youth Friendly Envoy and an international star at Transphere. Viktor’s passion for cultural exchange runs deep—he’s all about learning, absorbing, and sharing diverse cultures.

Over his years studying and working in China, he’s picked up scientific knowledge, honed his skills, and developed a keen understanding of different cultures. He’s not just a quick learner; he’s a cultural bridge-builder, fostering understanding and integration between diverse cultures.

Viktor amongst the Transphere family
Viktor and the Transphere family

Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

📌 While studying in China, Viktor served as the Vice President of the International Students’ Association at the Nanjing University Of Posts And Telecommunications. He even founded the Salsa Dance Club. Viktor was always one to bring students from different cultures together to learn, collaborate, and celebrate cultural diversity.

📌 Viktor joined an International Engineering Education Aid Training program, co-organized by UNESCO and Tsinghua University. This led him to volunteer in Loray village in Cambodia, where he raised funds to improve local children’s lives and opened up opportunities for underprivileged children to receive an education.

📌 In 2022, Viktor brought his linguistic expertise to Jiangsu Transphere’s National Language Service Export Base. As a language volunteer, he’s been a key player in optimizing Nanjing’s international language environment and bolstering the internationalization of Nanjing’s public services.

📌 At Transphere, Viktor’s been a hands-on team player, actively participating in various international events, ensuring smooth operations, and promoting mutual understanding between China and the globe.

📌 Viktor has also been instrumental in the formation of the FTA (Foreign Talent Service Center), a joint venture by Transphere and the Jianye District Government in 2018. With a mission of making life easier for foreigners living and working in Nanjing, FTA has been Viktor’s labor of love.

Viktor Lopata attending the 2023 Jiangsu Youth Friendship Envoy award ceremony
Viktor Lopata attending the 2023 Jiangsu Youth Friendship Envoy award ceremony

Viktor Lopata isn’t just a title holder or an employee; he’s a cultural ambassador, making a difference one step at a time.

In recent years, Nanjing’s friendly envoy circle has been growing steadily, and we at Transphere are committed to keeping this momentum going. We stand by our goal of providing top-notch internationalized services, helping our foreign friends understand China better, and transforming our company into a vibrant hub for cultural exchange.

We’re more than just a business; we’re dedicated messengers of friendship, promoters of practical cooperation, and guardians of peaceful coexistence. Our mission doesn’t stop there. We’re bent on cultivating a strong foundation for people-to-people diplomacy in Jiangsu Province and amplifying Nanjing’s foreign economic, trade, and cultural exchanges.

So here’s to continuing this journey and fostering global connections, one friendship at a time.

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