The China International Medical Devices Exhibition (CMEF) and Transphere’s Commitment to the Life Science Industry

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As a leading language service provider committed to the life sciences field, we were delighted to participate in the globally recognized mega-event—the 2023 China International Medical Devices Exhibition (CMEF) in Shanghai.

The three-day event (from the 14th to the 17th of May) was focused on future innovative technologies and how they can be harnessed to push the industry forward.


The exhibition featured many displays, including medical equipment manufacturing, international smart health, emergency rescue, rehabilitation and personal health, global elderly care, home medical, and pet health exhibition. 

The event witnessed a gathering of nearly 5,000 cutting-edge companies, including Mindray, Siemens Medical, and Yuwell. The program was jam-packed with conference forums, special events, and thousands of product displays.

Nancy (Jiang Yan) in Transphere's booth at the China International Medical Devices Exhibition
Nancy (Jiang Yan) in Transphere’s booth at the China International Medical Devices Exhibition

The progress of this industry reflects a nation’s overall strength and its level of scientific and technological development. It also directly impacts its people’s health and well-being. 


With 27 years of experience in the industry, our commitment to the industry has never wavered. In fact, recently, we added the ISO 13485 certifications to our portfolio of international quality certifications (ISO9001, ISO17100, and ISO27001). 

The ISO 13485 standard explicitly targets organizations in industries related to the design, development, production, storage, distribution, installation, service, and final decommissioning and disposal of medical devices. 

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We continuously expand our services to better service companies in the field, offering more than 80 languages and providing access to 159 countries. Our translators come from diverse academic and industry backgrounds, including but not limited to primary medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, medical devices, etc. 

These professionals bring their subject matter knowledge to the task, ensuring highly professional, accurate, and authentic translations that comply with industry norms.

By keeping track of changes in relevant guidelines and policies both locally and internationally and being well-versed in common vocabulary and expression habits in various medical and biopharmaceutical fields, we have collaborated successfully with world-renowned medical industry giants. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical industry has shown resilience and growth. As the situation improves, all the stakeholders will continue pushing the industry forward and are passionate about promoting Chinese products overseas and helping foreign brands enter China.

By enhancing the “Made in China” connotation, we aim to significantly contribute to the high-quality development of global service trade and language services.

As we reflect on our experiences at CMEF, we’re filled with gratitude for the connections and knowledge gained. It’s clear that the future of the medical industry is bright, and we’re excited to be part of this journey.

Here’s to the power of collaboration, the pursuit of innovation, and our shared commitment to improving global health.

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