Sunyu Named A National Base for the Export of Language Services—The Only One in Jiangsu

Four entities in Jiangsu were added to the list of “national bases for the export of specialized services,” which was published on the first day back at work after the lunar new year holiday. Jiangsu Sunyu Information Technology was jointly accredited by the Ministry of Commerce, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Education, and China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration as a national base for the export of specialized services (language services). Sunyu is the only company in Jiangsu to gain the accreditation, among a total of ten companies on the list.

During the first ten years since it was founded, Sunyu had been striving to help overseas clients adapt to the Chinese market. Over the past dozen years, Sunyu has shifted its focus toward “helping leading Chinese companies go global.” What remains unchanged is Sunyu’s commitment to high-quality language services.

Leveraging its strength as a national base for the export of language services, Sunyu will continue to provide language solutions in technology, sports events, e-commerce, and culture to help facilitate the transition from “made in China” to “designed in China,” strengthen international exchanges, expand international trade, and promote Chinese culture.



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