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The Top 7 Game Translation Tools

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How do Professional Technical Document Translation Services Ensure Accuracy and Quality?

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The Top 5 Challenges of Life Sciences Localization

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How to Publish a Game in China?

To publish a game in China smoothly, you must follow strict guidelines and partner with local publishers with experience in the field. The list of …

Certified translator for medical documents

Is a Certified Translation of a Medical Report Necessary?

Did you know that medical errors due to language barriers account for up to 2,000 deaths in the US annually? As a foreign patient, immigrant …

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What is Blockchain Localization & Why Every Blockchain Company Needs It?

What is blockchain localization? Blockchain localization refers to adapting blockchain technology and applications to different languages and cultures. This includes translating the user interface, documentation, …

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Video Game Localization: The Top 2023 ROI Booster

Although we may be biased, we believe localization has a powerful impact on a company’s expansion and its products’ success. In fact, when well executed, …

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How to Easily Localize React-Native Apps in 2023

How to Easily Localize React-Native Apps in 2023 Supporting multiple locales in your mobile app is a crucial feature if you want to scale your …

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4 Essential JavaScript i18n Libraries You Want to Use in 2023

What are JavaScript i18n libraries and frameworks? I8n libraries and frameworks are tools that help developers create applications that can easily adapt to different languages, …