Game Transcriptions

How Do Game Transcriptions Benefit Players and Developers Alike

Game transcriptions are not some nerdy things scribbled in a corner. They’re the unseen hero, bridging the gap between what you play and how you …

multimedia localization translation

From Globalization to Personalization: The Importance of Multimedia Localization Translation

In a vast, ever-changing world, where your neighbor might just be your next global customer, what you say is important, but how you say it? …

SaaS Localization: The 2023 List of Benefits, Challenges & Best Practices

SaaS Localization: The 5 Transformative Benefits.

Before delving into the SaaS localization’s many benefits and key challenges, we must first set some basic definitions. Bear with us; we will make it …

legal contract translation

What Is Legal Contract Translation and Why Is It Important?

The world of international business pivots on the axis of meticulously translated legal contracts, documents that ensure mutual comprehension and agreement across borders. The practice …

contract legal translation engagement

What Are the Key Challenges and Considerations in Contract legal Translation Engagement?

Translating legal contracts is akin to traversing a linguistic minefield—a task of extreme precision that leaves no room for error. Meticulous attention to detail, understanding …

Medical Translation Service

8 Important Factors to Consider When Searching for Medical Translation Service Providers

The hunt for a dependable medical report translation service can be as daunting as trying to decipher an alien language. We get it! You want your …

Pseudo Translation by Transphere. To the left the original English text, to the right the pseudo translated one. The right one occupies more space.

Pseudo Translation: The Unique Top 4 Benefits

Despite being a bit unknown in the business world, pseudo translation is a powerful tool. We argue that it should be the linchpin of your …

Build your AI Translator, an automated brain to help you translate all your books, documents and materials.

Build Your AI Translator With This Next.js Tutorial

Build Your AI Translator With This Next.JS Tutorial In this Next.js tutorial, we will teach you how to easily build your very own AI translator …

What is LangOps and who is it for? Transpheres Insights

What is LangOps?

LangOps, also known as Language Operations, is the brainchild of Unbabel’s co-founder, João Graça. In broad terms, LangOps is the efficient operationalization of the localization …